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Hater voters! Man do I hate them!

2014-07-13 16:01:09 by DJTECKIE

Well to whoever just completely zero bombed all of my tracks here's a message from me to you. Clearly you are very narrow minded to music if not that you just don't have a life. Thanks for fucking up my scores!


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2014-07-13 19:12:06

I am so sorry to hear that.... Just keep going and do not give in to the negative and unfair votes ! (Constructive criticism would have been nice instead of voting unfairly.)

I just saw this post and had to comment on it.

DJTECKIE responds:

Yeah sadly...oh well I have other sites anyways that are better :)


2014-07-13 17:29:28

There's no stopping them, unfortunately :[

DJTECKIE responds:

If only I could :( oh well I'll just re-upload them.